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Lockboxes add a layer of security by covering the locks of your shipping container

We have three types of lockboxes:
Bolt On - this particular Lock Box comes with the bolts to easily secure the lock box to the shipping container. Protects the padlock from tampering, weather and transit.

The Large Lockbox covers the padlock on the container door, providing extra security from vandals and protection for the padlock from the weather.

Slim Line lock boxes are very heavy duty, specifically designed to work best with our security lock boxes. Easy to insert, lock and unlock the padlock inside the lock box. Standard padlocks may not fit, or may be difficult to use.

Lock boxes have gained popularity due to their difficulty to cut or pry open. A popular option for shipping container storage. The lockbox designs involve a back piece that is bolted or welded onto the container door. The lock is hidden and not accessible via bolt cutters to reduce the chance of breaking and entering. Padlock sold separately.

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